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Feb 27, 2017

Multitudes of humanity's little ones are dying of starvation and disease!


I am the child

You hold in your
hand my destiny

You determine
whether I shall
succeed or fail.

Give me, I pray,
those things that
make for happiness.

Train me, I beg,
that I may be a
blessing to the

Mamie Gene Cole

Welcome To We The Children Fund

logo2WE THE CHILDREN was founded in 1987 to help alleviate the suffering of impoverished children in the world, both in Third World countries and in our own. Our organization is not concerned with race, color or creed. A hungry child is still hungry regardless of his heritage. A sick child needs medical care if he is to survive. These are the important issues.

There are children in India living under unbelievable conditions who are found wandering on roadsides, starving, fending for themselves as best as they can. We support a mission in Madras at which they get food, a bath, clean clothing and medical attention. Not all who use our facility are neglected or abandoned children. Some have loving parents too poor or disabled to provide for their needs. In India, these are called slum children because of where they live and who they are. But they are beautiful children who haven't much of a chance to grow up without someone to help them.

A reality right here in our own country are children of homeless families who subsist on food served at soup kitchens. Whatever the cause of deprivation, children are always the innocent victims.

childThe purpose of WE THE CHILDREN is to assist children who have fallen through the cracks in that they are not being reached or helped by other organizations. A portion of our work is done through overseas and stateside missions which care for children in their areas but which do not have the resources to extend the amount of help needed. They enroll children in our Sponsorship Program in the hope we can find caring people to contribute to their support to ensure they have adequate food, medical care, clothing and schooling. All our staff members are volunteers. We have no paid personnel.


Send your tax deductible donation to the adress below:

Send E-mail to wethechildrenfund@excel.net

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